Lymphoedema nurse discussing lymphoedema care and treatment, tissue viability, chronic wound care, wound healing, leg ulcer care and pressure ulcer care in a healthcare social enterprise

Education and events

Education matters to us. It is an important part of our work. It enables transformations in local services and patient experience.

The effective management of both complex chronic wounds and lymphoedema requires specialist skills, knowledge and understanding. We firmly believe in the importance of education and the sharing of expertise and experience.

Education and training courses

We develop education and training courses to share our knowledge. This can be within broader contracts, as self-standing projects or as one off programmes.

Examples include:

To see the training courses we currently have available, please click here.

If you are interested in our education and training and would like to learn more, please email Xhop2Pu!Q9~-84}0m7N@SM]#[BWV`M.Yc3$dzt&cnWuWzC7.

Public speaking

Our staff also enjoy speaking at public events to share knowledge. Please email Xhop2Pu!Q9~-84}0m7N@SM]#[BWV`M.Yc3$dzt&cnWuWzC7 if you would be interested in our staff speaking about chronic wound and/or lymphoedema care at your event.

Care information for patients

Please visit our ‘For patients’ section for wound care information and lymphoedema care information.