Compliment or complaint

Patients are at the heart of everything we do and we want you to tell us what you think. Your views are really important to us and help us to improve what we do.

We believe it’s important that you know how to contact us to make a complaint or a compliment and to understand how this process works.

What to do if you are not happy with the service and care you have received

Raising a concern

If you are concerned or dissatisfied with the care or service that you have received please speak to a member of the Accelerate team as soon as possible so that they are aware. Wherever possible we will attempt to resolve the issues at the time and look at what went wrong.

How to complain

If you remain unhappy with any aspect of the service or the care you have received from Accelerate, or issues appear unresolved please speak openly to any member of staff. They will take your complaint very seriously and be willing to listen to the concerns that you have raised. It is useful to raise any concerns or complaints as soon as possible after the incident has occurred.

You may prefer to put your comments in writing. This can be done by addressing your correspondence to the Director of Quality and Governance. The points that you have raised will be treated seriously and in a confidential manner.

We will listen to what you have to say and investigate issues. We are committed to ensuring that you are provided with necessary information and kept informed of any outcomes. This will include what we have done to address your concerns and to find a resolution. We always aim to be open and honest finding solutions as quickly as possible.

You can also raise concerns or make a complaint on behalf of someone else although we will require their written consent for their information to be shared with you to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR law.

What should you expect from us?

  • We will take the complaint seriously
  • We will listen to what you have to say
  • You will receive a written acknowledgment from us
  • If the complaint is investigated, you will receive a formal response from us

Send us you compliment or complaint

Compliment or complaint

Your views - help us to improve our service

If you are not satisfied with our response

If we have not answered your complaint to your satisfaction, please let us know and we will try to further resolve any of the outstanding issues.

If you remain dissatisfied, you are entitled to an independent review by the Health Service Ombudsman who can be contacted at:

Address: The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Millbank Tower, London SW1 4QP

Tel: 0345 015 4033 (Mon – Fri 08.30-17.30)



The Ombudsman will only consider your complaint once, after they are satisfied that the Accelerate complaint process has been followed and that you have received the final response.

If the Ombudsman is of the opinion that Accelerate can do more to resolve your issues, they will refer back to Accelerate to review.

We are therefore committed to trying to resolve your complaint in the first instance.

Complaints relating to other services

Accelerate works with several other organisations in delivering care. Therefore, the complaint or issues that you have, may not be the direct responsibility of Accelerate.

In these instances, Accelerate will, where possible, provide you with information about the team or service you should be contacting so that you are able to pursue your complaint with the correct organisation.