Our ambition

We have a clear vision at Accelerate – to boldly transform chronic wound, lymphoedema and mobility outcomes and to make sure we engage our patients in their personal journey, every step of the way.

We know that to achieve this we need to continue to develop and increase access to our world-class treatments and thinking in lower limb management and wider issues around lymphoedema and chronic wounds. We are committed to ensuring that we work with our patients to enable them to both understand their condition and begin to embrace self-management.

Putting the individual at the heart of our work  

Living with a complex wound, debilitating swelling or limited mobility, changes a person’s window on the world. That is why we aim to work in partnership with each individual to create a shared programmes that helps them heal and teaches them how to manage going forward. The results we achieve together can often be life changing.

lymphedema nurse specialist and patient and Accelerate, Hackney, London

Self-management and early intervention

We know that by engaging with people early on and understanding their personal goals and challenges, we can we can teach the principles of self-management and take away the need for reliance on healthcare professionals as the only answer when things don’t quite go as anticipated. We also know that by creating and delivering early intervention programmes in primary care we can begin to manage more effectively the development of unwanted lower limb swelling, wet legs and leg ulcers.

Think mobility

Our focus on mobility means that we can put ‘active’ back into the lives of people who have felt trapped in their homes, unable to get out and often unable to hold down a job. We know we can’t change all lives we will work tirelessly to extend our reach to change as many lives as possible and bring hope to those who have lived many years believing there was no solution for them.

We do this whilst being mindful of the need to manage NHS resources wisely and by working differently to achieve this dual challenge.

Our role in meeting the NHS Long Term Plan

We believe passionately in the principles of the NHS Long Term Plan and the drive to new models of care where patients get more options, better support and properly joined-up services. We believe we are well positioned to make a significant contribution to bringing this to life for people with complex lower limb wounds, lymphoedema, gait and general mobility issues