Sharp debridement in wound management

Develop and enhance theoretical and practical knowledge when managing complex, hard to heal wounds that require sharp debridemen


A 2-day course 9.30am – 4pm – both days must be attended

  • 10th and 17th October, 2024, 0930 – 1600 – virtual

Endorsed by the Society of Tissue Viability

We’re proud to be working with the Society of Tissue Viability to help provide and disseminate high-quality education to Healthcare Professionals around the UK. This course has been through rigorous review to achieve endorsement so you can use it with complete confidence.

Whilst the Society endorse the quality of the educational content they cannot be responsible for the method of delivery, physical structure or learning techniques associated with endorsed education.

NMC revalidation

This programme can count for up to 12 hours of participatory learning for NMC Revalidation.


Virtual on-line using MS Teams.

Course fees

NHS £595 ex VAT (£714 inc VAT)
Private £730 ex VAT (£876 inc VAT)

Who should attend?

Healthcare practitioners who would like to develop and enhance their theoretical and practical knowledge when managing complex, hard to heal wounds that require sharp debridement.

Learning objectives

  • Appraise the current evidence base for wound healing, impaired wound healing, and debridement

  • Undertake comprehensive and holistic wound assessment while considering the safety netting associated with sharp debridement

  • Appraise the current evidence base for advanced techniques used in wound debridement

  • Recognise and describe wound locating anatomical structures and the non-viable tissue types requiring sharp debridement

  • Identify the tools used in sharp debridement and demonstrate sharp debridement techniques, including safe use and disposal of sharps

  • Discuss the ethical and legal responsibilities and implications related to sharp debridement

  • Consider interprofessional working to improve outcomes for patients with complex wounds

How the course is run

Prior to the course commencing you will need to identify a practice supervisor to support supervised clinical practice and the submission of a practice portfolio.

The live sessions will be held using the MS Teams virtual learning environment (VLE) with informative webinars, discussion, and Q & A sessions. You will need to have access to a laptop, tablet or computer with video and sound capability.

We will be using the chat facility in MS Teams, break out rooms and polling features of the VLE during the course to make the sessions interactive and we would ask you to participate as if in a face-to-face situation. We have an Academy Moderator who can support you in digitally preparing for the course should you need assistance.


For any queries about the training sessions please contact The Academy Team on

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