What's new:
A snapshot of our social impact – a brand new report

Accelerate Academy are launching a level 7 University qualification
Developing a patient group with the Wishing Well Project
The primary goal of the programme was to encourage, support and develop well-being and confidence for people living with chronic wounds and lymphoedema
What’s great about our Accelerate Academy courses?
Live webinar: The power of compression therapy for leg ulcer management
Webinar about the recommendations, guidelines and practical circumstances for use of compression therapy in wound management.
What’s it like to do a student placement at Accelerate?
"I had a great time and can't believe how much I have learned in a four week period"
Digital Transformation
Accelerate has and continues to embrace new ways of working to create a sustainable future for healthcare.
Mobility: why does it matter?
How Accelerate helps to improve the mobility of our patients
Learning by ‘osmosis’
"There are so many talented people at Accelerate it feels like you are learning by ‘osmosis’, you are just absorbing new knowledge all the time, there is always someone to ask if you are not sure about something."
Leadership – leave your title at the door
Celebrating 10 years of Accelerate
We are so proud to have reached this milestone... what's next?
Our new sharp debridement course
Endorsed by The Tissue Viability Society
Are you ready to take charge? Free events in the Legs Matter Lounge
There are lots of things we can do to take charge of our leg and foot health and start feeling our best again.