Are you ready to take charge? Free events in the Legs Matter Lounge
There are lots of things we can do to take charge of our leg and foot health and start feeling our best again.
Accelerate launches a new ordering system to complement the dressing optimisation scheme
Opportunity for expert reviewer for sharp debridement course
Improving access to lymphoedema care for patients undergoing treatments for head and neck cancer
Social prescribing – a vital part of our self-supported wellness programme
Social prescribing is a growing movement that connects people with a range of non clinical programmes, services and events in their local community.
Looking back, looking forward: a decade of swelling management in North East London
Accelerate, the year that was 2020
As Accelerate enters its 10th year we look back on the great strides forward we have made in 2020
Shaun’s story – how we’re transforming wound care together.
We're urging people to check their legs and feet as part of Legs Matter Week
Compression article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)
Alison Hopkins involved in publishing article "Use of compression therapy to treat lower limb wounds across Europe: a scoping review protocol".
Legs Matter Awareness Week 12 – 16 October 2020
Legs and feet haven’t got much attention recently. Legs Matter are changing that with a week packed with virtual events designed to get everyone talking. 
We are recruiting Non Exec Directors
This could be a life-changing moment, and not just for you. We are simply on a mission to change lives.
How Accelerate optimises an illness to wellness strategy for our community
How Accelerate optimises an illness to wellness strategy for our community