Social prescribing – a vital part of our self-supported wellness programme

We are excited to be working with Elemental, a national social prescribing platform to deliver our self-supported wellness programme.
Group of people gardening together - patient centred care at Accelerate


Accelerate are delighted to be offering social prescribing as a part of their self-supported wellness programme.

Social prescribing is a growing movement that connects people with a range of non clinical programmes, services and events in their local community – like walking groups, mental health counselling, debt management advice, volunteering, family fitness, healthy cooking programmes, mindfulness sessions, and the ‘green prescription’ of gardening and food growing.

Alison Hopkins, our CEO said:

“Accelerate has long been committed to the role of the patient in the successful management of their care and condition. We believe this partnership with Elemental and the patients we serve takes us on the next stage of our journey with our patients.

Not only does this approach recognise the importance of the individual in coming to terms with how to manage their personal health it also meets the needs of the changing health and social care environment as we move to the 21st century approach to population health management.

We are excited to start on this journey with Elemental.”

If you are a local service, group or community voluntary organisation and would like to be an identified provider on this national directory, we’d like to hear from you.