Accelerate CIC entrance signage

Accelerate CIC

(Community Interest Company)

We are an award-winning social enterprise working within the NHS to serve patients. We deliver specialist care for those living with chronic wounds and lymphoedema.

We work at all stages of need – from early identification to the most complex of cases – and have a keen eye for prevention. Our approach is open and collaborative, with our patients’ needs and involvement are core to our approach.

Working together with our patients

We recognise the difficulties that people living with chronic wounds and lymphoedema face. That is why we actively engage our patients in the creation of their care plans. We want our patients and carers to feel confident in their understanding and day-to-day management of these long-term conditions. We aim for our patients to achieve a sustained level of well-being with reduced levels of discomfort and pain in their daily lives. Visit our patient care pages to learn more about these conditions.

A multidisciplinary care approach

Our team is made up of clinicians from multiple disciplines all working together to provide the best care for our patients’ needs. We are specialist wound care (tissue viability) nurses, specialist lymphoedema nurses, a dermatologist, podiatrist, and clinical health psychologist. We take a holistic and tailored approach with each patient. We embrace leadership and innovation in our field and have developed a unique compression and strapping technique to benefit our patients.

Working with the wider healthcare service

We work closely with GPs, practice nurses, district nurses and carers to ensure continuity of care. We also work closely with partner clinics and commissioners to share our expertise and offer our services. Our vision is for wound and lymphoedema care services to strengthen nationally for the benefit of all patients.

Where we work

We work with patients at our clinics and we visit patients at designated sites in the community and at home.

Our services are based in our home borough, Tower Hamlets. We also accept referrals to our specialist clinics from across London and the South East. In 2015 we formally opened a clinical centre of excellence for chronic wounds and lymphoedema care next to our Mile End Hospital head office.

We also provide bespoke services in various boroughs were we have been commissioned. We provide a lymphoedema service in City & Hackney and supported the development of a complex wound clinic in Lewisham. We provide consulting services further afield. Visit our for healthcare professionals pages to learn more about working with us.

How we came to be a social enterprise

Our service was first established in 1994 as a team within the NHS based in Tower Hamlets. Our team quickly became known as the East London Wound Healing Centre.

In 2011 our team set up as a healthcare social enterprise in the form of a community interest company (CIC). This decision was the best route to sustaining, developing circle_seuk_member_badge.pngand enhancing our services whilst continuing to work within the NHS family. We deliver NHS contracts and under our CIC structure, we are able to invest any surplus we create into our service to keep improving the provision of care for our patients.

We are proud to provide services for NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), take non-contracted referrals and to be a member of Social Enterprise UK (SEUK). Visit our awards to learn more.