What our patients say

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What our patients say

“Thank you sooooo much, the ulcer I have had for nearly 4 years has nearly gone and I’ve only been coming here since July. Amazing. Thank you.”

“A very thorough, helpful first meeting with a clear explanation of what is happening to my leg and how I can do my bit!!”

“Very attentive and warm and friendly. Reception and nursing staff  create a warm and professional environment. Wish this service and its high standards could be replicated throughout the NHS!!!”

“Great staff! Good system in calling beforehand, it meant I turned up as I’m a bit unmanageable. Thanks” 

“ I saw Matt today for compression measurements  -WOW, what a wealth of knowledge he was able to pass on to me! I felt so much more positive about implementing changes to improve my condition. He explained lipoedema so well and gave me simple things to do each day to improve blood flow. Thank you so much”

“Juliet is so thorough, professional, warm, empathetic. She doesn’t rush and goes above and beyond. I am grateful for her support and help, Thank you”

“Never had such service – Everyone is fantastic, absolutely over the moon!”

“Friendly and caring team here at Bethnal Green have been coming here for a few years now and have never had a problem – Naz, Mary and Misbah are great!“

“It has been an ABSOLUTE privilege to be here today! An amazing place, first class treatment from Karen and Ina. Amazing advice from Ina and bandaging from Karen. Thank you so much!”

“Staff take time to listen & consider your needs – That makes A HUGE difference!”

“Halima is a first class assistant who demonstrates the joy of life always”

“I am absolutely delighted with the treatment and recommendation I was given today.

“Lauryn was excellent, knowledgeable and human, very impressed”

“Codie fantastic help to start with!! Nice reception staff, STAFF ALL FIVE* with patient (and family!)”

“Ina so professional, clear and friendly.Thank you!”

“My dressing appointment today was very good, as always, when Halima and Jane take care of me. Infact this is a match made in HEAVEN! They are so empathetic and I cannot thank them enough!”

“Amazing kindness, care, expertise, and support. We cannot thank Hayley, Dr Bull enough. No words can describe how relieved we are to be under the care of your clinic”

“Excellent human treatment. Excellent medical treatment. Really good energy. I love the music and relaxed atmosphere. I love that I feel they really care”.

“I have had lipoedema for years and discovered it last year, went to the GP who referred me here. I have been given a new life!! I used to be able to walk maybe 20 mins and my legs got heavy and I’d be exhausted. With my surgical tights and my orthotic soles (was also treated here) I am like a new person. I cannot thank you enough for your treatment and service. I have a new lease of life. I no longer worry about my mobility. And I have discovered Aquagym and 3 hr hikes in Epping Forst. LOVING LIFE!”

“The sense of community and the help I received here has changed my life. I will be back at work and healthy again soon and I can thank you for that. Without Accelerate I do not think I would be anywhere near as optimistic as I now Thank you”

“Thank you for not making me feel like a lost cause, I am optimistic about my wounds now healing and clear on what steps I can take myself to assist in healing!”