Our brand new book is published – “Lower limb and leg ulcer assessment and management”

About our book

Lower Limb and Leg Ulcer Assessment and Management is an indispensable resource for practitioners in primary and secondary care, offering a practical and accessible guide to treating and managing leg ulcers.

This comprehensive text challenges the misconception that leg ulcers are invariably ‘chronic’. In practice, proactive management will prevent the harm associated with sub-optimal management. Insights are provided into lower limb assessment, early intervention for ulcer prevention, ulcer types and their causes, along with the influence that swelling and biomechanical changes have on the lower limb. The authors draw on international best practice guidance on lymphoedema, wound pain, wound bed preparation, compression therapy, psychological impact, and evidence-based care to enhance leg ulcer management.

Each chapter aims to facilitate reader comprehension and promote productive patient discussions, empowering healthcare professionals to collaborate with patients and improve leg ulcer management rapidly and effectively.

The content

This multi-disciplinary resource covers:

  • Normal venous, arterial, and lymphatic function in the lower leg
  • Leg ulceration due to venous hypertension, peripheral arterial disease, and lymphoedema
  • Leg ulcers of unusual aetiology, addressing autoimmune and inflammatory disorders such as pyoderma gangrenosum, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, sickle cell, and more
  • Musculoskeletal changes in the lower limb, assessment, and management to enhance mobility and calf-muscle function
  • Clinical management, with topics like wound management, stages of wound healing, exudate management, holistic assessment including vascular assessment, compression therapy, and Laplace’s law
  • Pain management with an emphasis on understanding the complexities and features that exacerbate or diminish the pain response
  • The personalisation of care, understanding of social determinants of health, and the role of supportive self-management in lifelong management

Who’s it suitable for?

For professionals seeking evidence-informed approaches to delivering exceptional care, Lower Limb and Leg Ulcer Assessment and Management is an essential companion on the journey to understanding and managing leg ulcers effectively.


We are incredibly proud to have our book published and hope it becomes a valuable resource to all who read it.

Alison Hopkins


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