Are you ready to take charge? Free events in the Legs Matter Lounge

Staff meeting and talking at Accelerate CIC, Hackney, London

We are so looking forward to Legs Matter Week which is 11-15 October this year.

Legs Matter Lounge

We are incredibly excited by the 35 FREE events which have been arranged for the sofa conference in the Legs Matter Lounge.

You can easily register for FREE, sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy some fabulous education from all kinds of experts in the leg and foot world. There are 7 events each day next week and all will be available on demand afterwards!

We are particularly proud of the events which will be run by the team at Accelerate:

Exercise for healthier legs

Monday 11th October at 10:00

Wendy Lou, BSc, MCSP, HCPC Lymphoedema Specialist Therapist, Chartered Physiotherapist talking about:

The effect of exercise on vascular health, how to incorporate exercise into daily life and exercises for the kitchen, lounge and garden. She also gives encouragement and a take home message.

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Living with a leg ulcer

Monday 11th October at 10:00

Hayley Turner-Dobbin, Clinical Delivery Lead, Wound & R&D Accelerate and Ronald Holt, Patient and his wife Janice Holt discuss what made the difference to his leg ulcer healing and give their views on what could help others living with a leg ulcer, and doing self-managed care.

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In conversation with the QNI

Monday 11th October at 17:00

Alison Hopkins MBE, CEO, Accelerate and  Dr Crystal Oldman CBE, CEO of Queens Nursing Institute discuss the real opportunity we have to change the lives of our patients and community nurses.

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How to take charge of your leg and foot health

Wednesday 13th October at 09:00

Chantal Clough, Personalisation & Self Care Lead and Dennis O’Neill, Patient talk about how to improve self management and get better outcomes by understanding the individual, not the condition and therefore leading to citizen empowerment.

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Living with cellulitis

Friday 15th October at 09:00

Anna Swinburn, Clinical Lead for Lymphoedema, Accelerate and Rosemany Gad, Patient with lymphoedema discuss the steps needed to regain your independence following a severe cellulitis infection. Rosemary advises from her own experience what changes she has made to help with her recovery.

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The importance of mobility in lower leg and foot health

Friday 15th October at 19:00

Fran Campbell MSc, MRCOP, Lead in Podiatry and Biomechanics, Accelerate and Debbie Coleman, Diabetic foot co-ordinator, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust discuss the importance of understanding your condition(s) and making small changes that can help improve mobility and health.

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Patient stories

There are also some fabulous patient stories to look forward to by inspirational characters which will be added to the Legs Matter library during next week.

read inspiring Legs Matter patient stories