Dressing Optimisation Scheme & Click! ordering

Click! is an intelligent ordering platform that, together with Accelerate's Dressing Optimisation Scheme (DOS) empowers Clinicians and Medicines Management teams to save money on their annual dressings budget.


Start saving on your annual dressings budget today

Our expert team at Accelerate have developed a unique and trusted Dressings Optimisation Scheme (DOS) and an intelligent product ordering system called Click! They enable clinicians and Medicines Management colleagues in the NHS to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Save money
  • Reduce variation across their patch

We have a highly experienced clinical team who use their extensive wound care expertise to demonstrate sustainable savings despite population increases.

To date, we have implemented this in six London areas and savings in excess of £3m have been made. We are confident that DOS and Click can be adopted across other areas of the UK to save the NHS more money.

Registering for Click

Once you’re registered with us, for the Dressings Optimisation Scheme you can start ordering straight away.


How does Click! work?

Our unique Dressings Optimisation Scheme reduces waste using a combination of clinical insights and online technology including our Click independent dressings ordering platform.

When dressings are prescribed for a patient using FP10, patients are given a whole box of dressings and may only use 1 or 2 with the rest going in the bin. Our system gets around this problem because dressings are ordered by and belong to the local practice and not the patient.

Our Customer Service Team make sure that once ordered via Click, the dressings are delivered within 48 hours to your practice. This means that your patients get the right dressing at the right time – and importantly at the right price.

See how Click! works

It’s easy, simple to use and deliveries are with you in 48 hours or less. It’s fully independent and unbiased as it is not tied to any one provider. Not only that but it is easy to navigate and extremely simple to use.

Accurate data improves savings and patient outcomes

Acclerate’s Dressings Optimisation Scheme shows where and when changes can be made to the amount or type of products you use. This in turn can enable fine-tuning of your formulary and significantly reduce the number of wasted dressings.

Additionally, if you’re registered to use our intelligent online ordering platform, Click, we’re able to share data-driven insights back with you and your organisation. We analyse the data and can tell you which locations are doing all the right things, which need more encouragement and where immediate savings can be made by swapping in a like-for-like product for example.

Start your dressing optimisation journey with Click today!

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