Research & Development

We want to boldly transform the lives of those living with chronic wound and lymphoedema. It’s this vision that drives everything we do. Research and development plays a big part in helping us achieve this vision. We’re passionate about developing new thinking and pioneering experimental treatments and approaches that will improve peoples’ lives.

Our research and development focus

We’re determined to transform care across all areas of complex wounds and lymphoedema. That’s why we conduct and support quality research into all treatments and approaches that may change the lives of the communities we serve.

Our overarching focus remains that of mobility and lower limb management. It’s this vital area of care that we are especially interested in innovating within; remaining active is key for each one of us. Our multidisciplinary team make a vital contribution to strategy and research into the broader topic of  lower limb management and regularly present at conferences and publish their research in peer reviewed journals.

Get involved

We welcome proposals from people or organisations who can help us develop world-class treatments and thinking in chronic wound and lymphoedema care. We have a research governance process that reviews all applications. Via this process we manage each research programme as it is approved and conducted. This makes sure that all research is conducted ethically and in line with our mission and core values.

If you’re interested in submitting a research programme for us to consider, please complete the application form below.

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Research submission

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