Tower Hamlets lymphoedema referral

To make your Tower Hamlets lymphoedema referral please complete all the applicable fields in the form below.

About this service

The service operates Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm and supports any patient who meets the referral criteria below.

Conditions to be met in order for a patient to be successfully referred:

✓ The patient has at least one of the following:

  • Chronic oedema / lymphoedema

  • History of repeated cellulitis related to oedema

  • Primary lymphoedema

  • Secondary lymphoedema to cancer

✓ Systemic causes have been ruled out

✓ In order to ensure an Accelerate joint visit, housebound patients must be referred to the community nursing team via Single Point of Access for first line assessment.

Referrals will not accepted for the following:

x Known ischaemia of the affected limb

x Varicose veins

x Routine Doppler in the absence of swelling

x Venous or other ulceration

x Unstable cardiac / renal failure

x Absence of swelling

You must provide a comprehensive medical history to support assessment. It is sufficient to attach an EMIS summary.