Tower Hamlets dressing optimisation

Understanding how to the dressing optimisation scheme works.

What’s the aim of the dressing optimisation scheme?

The aim of the dressing optimisation scheme is to:

  1. Make sure every Tower Hamlets resident has the dressing or bandages they need when they need them
  2. Ensure waste is minimised; every location has a stock of products, preventing a build up of unused products at home
  3. Provide analysis and insight to support quality improvements and education.

How does the dressing optimisation scheme work?

The Scheme is funded by Tower Hamlets CCG. 90% of funding for dressings has been removed from FP10 and put into this online scheme. All dressings, bandages and therapies for the management of active wounds are accessible via this scheme

The total budget is managed by Accelerate and supported by this Guide Accelerate reports on the quarterly spend and any cost pressures. Analysis of use is supplied regularly or on request to any location.

The scheme works on the principle of locations and the Users associated with this location place the online orders.

  • All users are trained in the online system and support can be accessed
  • All residents will therefore get their dressings without needing to go through FP10. They should never need to purchase wound dressings or bandages
  • For housebound residents, the dressings need to be taken to them by the community nurses; there is a Home Delivery Service where significant dressings are required

What’s excluded from the dressing optimisation scheme?

Some dressing type products are not used for wounds. These products are obtained via FP10 prescribing:

  • Tracheostomy products
  • Products for childhood eczema
  • Stoma products plus any associated film dressings or skin protection
  • Scar management products
  • Dressings used for PEGs or suprapubic catheters

A less common reason is when a family are managing the dressing and it is easy to go via FP10

You can access the dressing optimisation scheme if

  • You are a clinician directly delivering wound care and oversight within Tower Hamlets
  • You work within a Tower Hamlets GP Practice
  • You deliver wound care for any resident of Tower Hamlets from any clinical site, the patient’s home or a Nursing Home

Frequently asked questions

Q 1: What if my patient needs a product not on the formulary?
Answer: Request the off formulary request submission

Q 2 What if my patient at home needs a lot of dressings?

Answer: Request more information on the criteria for Home Delivery of Dressings and ensure the patient is referred to the Accelerate Team for any complex wound or to ELFT Pressure Ulcer Team

Q 3 My patient will be dressing their own wound or is going on holiday. How do they get extra dressings?
Answer: Simply provide what they need from your stock and make sure you continue to review their progress. If not healing, make sure a referral to Accelerate Wound Team is made

Q 4 My patient will be dressing their own wound or is going on holiday. How do they get extra dressings?
Answer: Check the delivery date on the online system and if it states delivery has occurred, check all cupboards and rooms before emailing Accelerate for support

Q 5 How can I gain access to DOS for a new member of staff?
Answer: Let Accelerate know who the new User is, their email address and what location they require access to. We will set them

View a pdf of the formulary