Compression article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Alison Hopkins Helen from Accelerate

As a part of the Compression Therapy Project being supported by EWMA, our CEO, Alison Hopkins has been involved in publishing an article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) “Use of compression therapy to treat lower limb wounds across Europe: a scoping review protocol”.

Alison is delighted about this and said:

Working with Dr Ray Samuriwo and Natalia Cristiansen has been a real privilege. To bring together real world audit with theoretical concepts and review should develop a powerful story to shape the change we need to see.

This paper identifies the issue of harm in its first sentence. This is timely and coincides well with the ambition of Legs Matter and the National Wound Care Strategy. I am beginning to feel hopeful that people with leg ulcers will finally be afforded the care and attention they rightly require.

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