Collaboration with the International Skin Tears Advisory Panel (ISTAP)

Dr and leg ucler patient in the Acclerate Centre for Excellence & Innovation

In 2024 Accelerate and The International Skin Tear Advisory Panel (ISTAP) have undertaken a series of 3 webinars to celebrate the launch of their collaboration. They are now all available on-demand – see the links below.

Accelerate frequently see patients who have complex wounds on the lower leg which have begun as skin tears. For a variety of reasons such as lack of basic skin care and underlying venous disease, coupled with ineffective treatment of the skin tear and the absence of immediate and necessary care with mild compression, sadly means that many of these simple wounds become complex leg ulceration.


Georgina Ritchie


Webinar 1 – Back to basic skin care

Good skin care, which means effective hygiene and emollient use, is key in the prevention of skin tears and promotes overall good leg health for everyone

Speaker: Mary Hill RN, BScN, MN, NSWOCC, WOCC(C), ISTAP Regional Director North America, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Webinar 2 – Skin Tears: Cleansing, classification and management

If, unfortunately, a skin tear does happen its important that the skin tear is cleansed, classified, treated and dressed with the appropriate dressings, avoiding wound closure strips.


  • Samantha Holloway, ISTAP President
  • Georgina Ritchie, Executive Director and director of Education for Accelerate CIC
  • Karen Ousey, ISTAP President-Elect (Moderator)

Webinar 3 – The role of mild compression in lower limb skin tears

Consideration of mild compression is important to support healing and stop the skin tear from becoming a leg ulcer.


  • Anna Swinburn, Advanced Lymphoedema Nurse Specialist at Accelerate CIC