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Being a CIC

What does this mean?

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), we are an independent business that operates for the benefit of the communities we serve and whose assets and profits are dedicated to that very purpose.

The community we serve is inclusive of both our staff and those patients whose lives we help to improve through the care and management of their conditions. Our assets exist to serve our community and we reinvest the surplus we make in any given year back into our services so that we can grow and develop the care we provide. This allows us to take greater ownership of and leadership of our work, act quickly on evidence and be creative with innovations.

We report to the CIC Regulator to ensure that we continue to meet the ‘community interest test’.

2011 was a year of change

Accelerate became a CIC in 2011 under the 2010 NHS Right to Request Programme. This move not only created a successful business model but gave the staff a sense of freedom and flexibility not experienced in the NHS; doing things differently for the benefit of our end users became a reality and continues to be so.

Being a CIC makes us part of one of the fastest growing community orientated enterprise movements in the country. Since the CIC legal form was introduced in the UK in 2005 over 10,000 have registered – and we are one of them.