Careers FAQs

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Do I need to be a specialist to work at Accelerate?

No! We recruit on potential and attitude and while many people who work at Accelerate are experts, many of us started out as novices or as generalists wanting to develop an expertise in woundcare or lymphoedema.

Is Accelerate a private company?

Accelerate is a not-for-profit Community Interest Community (CIC). We don’t have shareholders and we don’t charge patients for our services. All profit goes back into supporting our mission of transforming wound and lymphoedema care.

Is Accelerate part of the NHS?

We work outside of the NHS but very closely alongside it. You’ll treat the same patients as you would working in the NHS but usually with more time to care and more freedom than you might find within an NHS environment.

Do I get to keep my NHS pension?

We know that the security of NHS pension is an important consideration for many people. While you can’t carry over your NHS pension at Accelerate, we have a generous pension scheme of our own. You’ll also benefit from free financial advice from an independent adviser who can help you manage your financial future.

How do I get a job at Accelerate?

You can find all our current job opportunities here. You need to apply via NHS Jobs. If you don’t see a role that you think is right for you but are interested in a career at Accelerate, please send your CV and brief overview of the type of role you’re looking for to

What can I expect at interview?

We shortlist a small number of candidates for interview. The interview normally takes around 45 minutes and is an opportunity to find out more about the role and Accelerate. Depending on what role you are applying for, you might be asked to deliver a short presentation. The interview is much less intimidating than people fear and is a great opportunity to get to know us.

Can I visit Accelerate?

Yes! We welcome pre-arranged visits from healthcare professionals and often find that once people experience a morning or afternoon here, they go on to apply for a role here. We also hold short online ‘taster sessions’ that include informal talks from our senior team and a Q&A session. It’s a great way of getting to meet the team and get a better idea of what we do. Book your place on the next one here.

Got a question that’s not covered here? Send us an email