Dressing optimisation

We audit, create and shape your dressings optimisation scheme (DOS) to ensure it both maximizes your budget and helps transform patient's lives. We've already helped change people's lives and saved thousands of pounds for organisations just like yours.  

We all know just how vital wound dressing management is. What we might not know is that truly effective – and transformative – wound dressing management means looking beyond the front-end delivery and moving to a much broader programme of change. This is where our pioneering approach to dressing optimisation comes in.

Accelerate has been setting up and delivering dressing optimisation schemes for almost a decade. In that time, we’ve gained a deep expertise in wound dressing management. We know the pitfalls, and we know how to maximise gains in the first year and beyond. Our powerfully effective approach has transformed the lives of patients. That’s why dressing optimisation is a key part of our Accelerate X offer.

Moving away from FP10 to a programme of transformation

Remember, an effective dressing scheme is not just about what happens at the front end. Products and systems are simply the vehicle to implement your plan. Alone, they will not deliver the ongoing savings you need. To achieve more, dressing management has to be part of a broader programme of change – one that is owned by the community and primary care staff. It is having an ‘owned’ and defined programme of change that will support the delivery of your goals.

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