Attend anywhere

Video calling is convenient and easy to use. Instead of travelling to your appointment, you will have an on-line consultation. Video calls are secure and your privacy is protected - this is particularly ideal during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This page is for people with pre-booked video appointments ONLY.

Can I do a test to check it will work on my device?

Yes, if you click the pink ‘Enter waiting room’ button below, a Test button will appear if a test is required.

Don’t worry if there is no Test button as it means your browser has already checked your device, connection, microphone and web camera set up and there are no problems.

I’m ready for my appointment

Once you have entered the Waiting Room at the time of your appointment, you will need to enter the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number in case we need to call you if the video call fails

We will then be able to see that you have arrived and your consultation will begin as soon as we are ready.