Clinical Lead for Podiatry & Biomechanics

We need people who share our drive to change lives for the better. If you care deeply about the work you do, are a team player, like a challenge and are always looking look for better ways of doing things, you will relish the opportunity to work at Accelerate.

Clinical Lead for Podiatry & Biomechanics

Accelerate Centre of Excellence & Innovation , London
Closing date:
18 November 2020

About the role

The podiatry role within Accelerate developed from an understanding that mobility and healthy biomechanics play is a key role in the physical and mental health of the individual. The inclusion of podiatry has an impact on clinical understanding and is part of achieving realistic and excellent outcomes.

Effective podiatry within Accelerate means becoming an integrated part of the Accelerate Clinical team in order to achieve common goals and outcomes. In order to accomplish this, there needs to be understanding and agreement with Accelerates philosophy and values; which underpin the Company and the work that is done. A knowledge of the strategic objectives of the organisation is a key part of achieving this.

Main duties

The post holder will:

  • Contribute to a multidisciplinary strategy of care and self-management plan that considers patients choices, understanding and ways of living
  • Be creative in looking at ways that patients can monitor behaviour change and meet specific goals
  • Maintain clear records using the Accelerate record keeping frameworks
  • Write requisite letters and reports
  • Develop the Podiatry role within Accelerate by
    • Establishing work boundaries and being clear about role impact
    • Data collection which is specific to the role with an attention to agreed outcomes
    • Identification of themes and trends that will contribute to future projects
    • Participation at key Accelerate events such as Away Days

This role will be embedded within a multidisciplinary clinical team.




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