Lymphoedema nurse with a male patient discussing lymphoedema care and treatment, tissue viability, chronic wound care, wound healing, leg ulcer care and pressure ulcer care in a healthcare social enterprise

Wound care services

Our Wound Care Team provides specialist care for patients living with chronic wounds or those at risk of chronic wounds. This includes pressure ulcers.

We believe that if the right care plan is in place and regularly reviewed, very few wounds would be long-term. That is why we take care to work with you to find solutions appropriate to your wound care needs.

What do we do?

Once you have been referred to us, we will work to:

How do we care for you?

We involve all those in our team who are relevant to your care needs. Our specialists will work with you in setting your goals so that your care plan is comprehensive and most importantly, achievable.

We also take time to ensure that you and your carers understand your personal care needs. It is important that there is continuity in your care between visits to or from us. To support your care, a number of useful resources are listed on our wound care information page.

Applying compression is often the most effective way of enabling a lower limb wound to heal. We work with you to find a level of compression that is both as comfortable for you as possible whilst also effective in its aim. We continuously look to make improvements and innovations in compression therapy.

Where do we provide treatment?

Depending on the location and mobility of our patients, we will treat in clinics or in the community. Our Treatment Centre formally opened in 2015 and is a clinical centre of excellence. When you are referred to us we will work out with you to determine the best place of treatment.

Who else is involved in my care plan?

Alongside you, your family or carers, we will liaise with your GP, Practice Nurse, District Nurse, appropriate allied healthcare professionals as appropriate to ensure you receive the best possible continuity of care.

How long will you work with me?

How long we work with you is entirely dependent on your wound care needs. Unless there are good reasons to discontinue working together, we will work with you until you are healed or well on the way to healing and can manage your on-going care plan.

How can I learn more about caring for my condition?

Please visit our wound care information page to learn more.

Resident of Tower Hamlets?

If you are a resident of Tower Hamlets you can self-refer to our service. Please fill in our referral form and/or get in touch with our reception to find out more on 020 3819 6022.