Lymphoedema nurse with a male patient discussing lymphoedema care and treatment, tissue viability, chronic wound care, wound healing, leg ulcer care and pressure ulcer care in a healthcare social enterprise

Wound care information

Learn more about chronic wounds and how to care for them. Below is a range of information to help you understand and manage your condition.


We produce leaflets to help answer our patients’ questions. These are available in the clinic. We welcome your feedback on what you find helpful.


If you would like to learn more about compression, our staff have made a number of videos which you can view on our YouTube site.


A number of organisations provide information about pressure ulcers, how to care for them and how to stop them occurring:

The SSKIN Bundle – 5 tips to protect from pressure ulcers

The SSKIN Bundle has been developed as an easy-to-remember five tips to protect your skin from pressure ulcers.

You might hear our staff or community nurses talking to you about it. Scroll over the letters on the hand to read the five tips.

National awareness week – annually in November

We play our part in supporting ‘stop the pressure’ awareness week which happens annually in November.

That is how @PressurePete1, our mascot who loves to be active on twitter came into existence. Follow him on twitter to see what he’s doing to raise awareness and share prevention and care tips.