Lymphoedema nurse with a male patient discussing lymphoedema care and treatment, tissue viability, chronic wound care, wound healing, leg ulcer care and pressure ulcer care in a healthcare social enterprise

Mobility and podiatry

Mobility can be severely impacted by chronic wounds and lymphoedema.

The podiatry arm of our multidisciplinary team looks to support you with any mobility issues as part of our holistic approach in our complex clinic.

Being mobile is an important part of keeping the body healthy and maintaining independence. Both lymphoedema and chronic wounds can have a negative impact on how well and easily we can move around.

The impact of reduced mobility

We recognised that reduction in mobility can have a twofold impact:

Our care

In our complex clinic, we work with you to understand your day to day mobility and the underlying causes for your mobility constraints as they relate to your medical condition.

We also look at how you walk, move and stand. This helps us identify exercises, equipment and footwear to support your mobility aims and overall health goals. It all forms part of a biomechanical assessment.

Our approach is about empowering you as much as possible.