Lymphoedema nurse discussing lymphoedema care and treatment, tissue viability, chronic wound care, wound healing, leg ulcer care and pressure ulcer care in a healthcare social enterprise

10 service highlights

At a glance! 10 reasons to work with Accelerate.

  1. Quality is at the heart of what we do because we care about what we do
    98% of our patients consistently rate our service as excellent.
  2. We pride ourselves on our drive towards accelerated wound healing
    This is reflected in our patient experience and the awards that our team has achieved in clinical excellence and innovation in care models – both of which we continually seek to build on.
  3. Our consistent approach in lymphoedema care
    Our approach has led to an 83% reduction in cellulitis for Tower Hamlets’ residents following assessment and most recently a 90% decrease in cellulitis-related hospital admissions in City and Hackney. Our team and service have been shortlisted for innovation and excellence awards.
  4. We offer commissioners’ solutions
    We offer a patient focused approach in our specialist areas whilst working within allocated budgets to deliver services that address value for the health economy and workforce.
  5. We continuously look towards innovation to improve our performance
    We recently completed heel casting research pilot to deliver positive solutions for patients experiencing pressure ulcers on the heel area.
  6. When approached, we help, support and advise other teams
    We work to understand their local wound and lymphoedema service requirements and enable them to work towards outcomes based care, benefiting patients and making best use of NHS resources.
  7. We recognise the importance of education as a lynchpin for success
    We offer bespoke education programmes for professionals and we ensure our own staff also have access to regular training and development opportunities.
  8. Embracing the principles of value based care is important to us
    We drive towards the delivery of an outcomes based approach for our commissioners.
  9. We search for cost-effective solutions and value our resources
    We developed a dressings optimisation scheme in Tower Hamlets which has delivered £660k saving for Tower Hamlets’ commissioners over a 3 year period and ensures patients receive the most appropriate dressings.
  10. Essentially we are an organisation that cares about staff and patients alike
    We take pride in our work and greet every day and opportunity with a smile and a positive can do attitude.

Visit our story and awards pages to learn more about us.