Reception area for lymphoedema care,  chronic wound care, wound healing, leg ulcer care and pressure ulcer care in a healthcare social enterprise

Non-contracted core services

We accept referrals from across London and furtherĀ afield.

Accepting referrals on a non-contracted basis provides a solution for GPs and other healthcare professionals who are dealing with complex wounds or lymphoedema cases and do not have access to local specialist provision. Our approach is multidisciplinary and outcomes focused.

How to refer?

If you are a GP in a currently non-contracted area and wish to refer patients to our wound care or lymphoedema services, please complete our relevant referral form. Full completion is extremely helpful and speeds the system:

Once your referral is in our system, we will contact you to approve the appointment, tariff and any transport requirements. Your patient will be seen according to the degree of urgency.

Where will patients be seen?

Patients are most likely to be seen at our complex clinic in our Treatment Centre at Mile End Hospital although on occasion we will undertake domiciliary visits. Our Treatment Centre opened in 2015 is a centre of excellence.

Find out more

To enquire about referrals, pathways or to find out more about our contracted core services and advisory services, please visit these pages and/or contact our reception 020 3819 6022 or email _!yE?{ls0bBqdKPx9S8fW%]#[In`1V]PWpO~dF@2\}3EJGo for further assistance.