Medical supply room for lymphoedema care, chronic wound care, wound healing, leg ulcer care and pressure ulcer care.

Dressings optimisation schemes

We manage bespoke Dressings Optimisation Schemes (DOS) to support patients, run effective systems and drive resource efficiency.

Dressings and bandages are an important resource. Managing them efficiently through a dressing optimisation scheme creates better outcomes for patients as well as a identifying key insights about how to transform service provision. It builds a stronger system and savings and we work closely with commissioners to achieve just this.

About the scheme

Through the Dressing Optimisation Scheme, patients who self-care or who are cared for by community nurses receive dressings directly from their District or Practice Nurse.

The scheme is designed to:

Current users

For current Tower Hamlets and City & Hackney users please contact OxLDACR\Ucb0s/TNo}imKgdfS.lGepjzI&]#[t=o^ko[t5GHwY|2CUB\S?[NU7|&2Ndsi#x for information about formulary, training, setting up new users and any other enquiries.


If you would like to learn more about the schemeĀ and opportunities please contact our help centre at OxLDACR\Ucb0s/TNo}imKgdfS.l]#[0k.41&ADIzDnWoA0b_^S#QHo3xZ.