Lymphoedema doctor with a patient explaining lymphoedema care, chronic wound care, wound healing, leg ulcer care and pressure ulcer care.

Advisory, audits and pilots

We offer advisory services, audits and pilots to share our expertise and support service innovations.

We are committed to sharing our knowledge to support the development of chronic wound and lymphoedema services. We like to partner with others where we feel our methodology can add value.

Advisory and audit services

We regularly work with commissioners and other clinical partners who are looking to grow or strengthen wound care or lymphoedema services. We also work with those who are looking to understand local needs more clearly.

Examples of past projects include:


Ensuring excellent care means being open to innovations and improvements. Our team regularly work with commissioners to develop service innovations through the use of pilot projects.

Examples include:


To enquire about working with us, please contact our reception 020 3819 6022 or email t#hFADT=3}BRS@8'&4-wbk]#[^tO2X|4xsj~E11xfmr6[RY for further assistance.