Alison Hopkins, chief executive of acceleratecic, a healthcare social enterprise with expertise in lymphoedema care, tissue viability, wound care, chronic wound care, leg ulcer care and pressure ulcer care.

For healthcare professionals

We provide quality wound and lymphoedema care to as many people as possible.

To do this, we partner and contract with a wide range of healthcare professionals.

Working with you within the NHS

All our patients come to us through the NHS.

These pages are designed to give guidance to healthcare professionals looking to engage with us so that your patients or local populations can benefit from our services.

You may be a commissioner, GP, practice nurse, district nurse or allied health professional.

Our aim and vision

Our aim is to transform the quality of life of those living with chronic wounds and lymphoedema, helping them move from illness to wellness.

Our vision is for chronic wound and lymphoedema care services to strengthen nationally and achieve parity of service.

Options for engaging our services

NHS partners and commissioners can work with us in a range of forms – all designed to best suit needs. Visit the various pages in this section to learn more.

Benefits for all

As a result of our partnerships and contracts:

Our impact gives more information about our work.

Find out more

Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about our service and approach.

For enquires and queries about working with us and using our services, please contact our reception 020 3819 6022 or email 8Lgy[/ar|2~E5!6XmFUn'J]#[|7NirkEVbyd4qtv8W$^Rr4 for further assistance.

To learn of some of our partners, visit our community pages.