Our story

Accelerate CIC came into existence in 2011 but our story began long before this.


The first Tower Hamlets leg ulcer clinic is started by Alison Hopkins when she was a District Nurse.


Dr Gerry Bennett starts a Complex Wound Clinic for Tower Hamlets residents. The centre quickly becomes known as the East London Wound Healing Centre.


Alison Hopkins and Dr Richard Bull swiftly join Dr Bennett to help establish a wound pathway with integrated multidisciplinary management.


Our reputation for success in healing wounds sees an increase in referrals from surrounding London Trusts. Fran Worboys joins the team.


Ina Farrelly, a podiatrist specialising in gait, joins the team.


We launch a Lymphoedema Service alongside our Wound Care Service and Caitriona O’Neill joins the team as the new service lead.


We apply for the Right to Request to become a social enterprise, meaning we spin out of but still work with the NHS. Our first health psychologist, Hannah Falvey, joins the team further expanding our multidisciplinary approach.


In November, we launch as Accelerate Health CIC and quickly become known as Accelerate CIC.


We formally open our Treatment Centre, a clinical centre of excellence.

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Read more about Dr Gerry Bennett MB FRCP, Geriatrician 1951–2003, a leading visionary who sowed the seeds for who we are today.