Reflect & Rediscover Accelerate

26 October 2017

Have you read our new report about our work with Tower Hamlets? It's called 'Reflect & Rediscover Accelerate, A Local Success Story' and you can download a pdf by clicking on the image below.


Here's what Alison Hopkins, our CEO wrote in the introduction to give you a flavour:

"The aspiration to be part of an alliance committed to ensuring a health and social care system that works effectively for all its residents, resonates at the heart of Accelerate. 

As a social enterprise, the drive towards creating visible and tangible social impact is critically important when measuring the value an organisation can bring to the communities it serves. Tower Hamlets is the home ground and flag ship for Accelerate: a health economy that has always been recognised for being at the cutting edge of change, innovation and new approaches to care. 

Six years post spin out we present to you our reflections on the changing population of and dynamics within Tower Hamlets, our achievements in the past year [2016/17] and our forward view for change and integration in the context of the emerging alliance model."