"Show people what good looks like and they want to get on and do it"

21 December 2016

Seasons Greetings to you and yours...

2016 and we're 5 years old - Congratulations to us!

As we look back on 2016 some may say it could be regarded as a year that created a reality check for the NHS, what with the introduction of STP’s, ‘real’ efforts to control funds and so on.

Maybe I am a little cynical or reading too many Roy Lilley blogs, but real world change in the treacle of the NHS does not usually come in the big initiatives or trying to shift monies around, but in the small but fantastic ideas from clinicians on the ground. These add up into real change that patients can touch and feel. We cannot be standing at the door of 2017 hoping that the fairy godmother’s magic dust may just touch the NHS and bring an unexpected solution.

And what of Accelerate CIC in this world of doom and gloom?

How are we faring as a spinout from the NHS, who hit the ripe old age of 5 years in 2016? Well let’s say "congratulations to us" for making a successful organisation that has not simply survived it’s 5 year history, but has recognised that the only way to survive in this challenging world is to stay fleet of foot, be change friendly and demonstrate your worth. We do all 3 exceptionally well now.


So what of 2017 for Accelerate?

Commissioners and providers need to see new cash in their hands now - not hoped for savings that benefit someone, somewhere. And if you know where to look, in wound and lymphoedema management there is so much waste in the system that can be tapped into and transformed.

Accelerate loves data, collecting it and presenting it to demonstrate the important of doing things differently. Simples! Accelerate also helps other providers to know what good looks like, grasp the change required and to realise the benefits - stop throwing good money after bad.

So 2017 for us is another year of opportunity and we are excited about the commitments already in place. Our clinicians are passionate about increasing access for patients to good wound and oedema management via Accelerate services or with our partners.

Our mission and advocacy for our wound and lymphoedema community has not changed, even though the NHS world is in constant flux. So whilst the sharks of financial crisis may be circling... the Accelerate team is ready for 2017!


Good luck to all for a courageous and solution filled 2017!


Alison Hopkins - CEO, Accelerate CIC