Accolade for Accelerate CIC as CEO, Alison Hopkins is awarded MBE for services to Nursing

21 June 2018

The ninth of June was a day of great celebration for Accelerate CIC and Alison Hopkins, who was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, for her lifelong commitment to improving the lives of people with significant lower limb wounds.

Always known and recognised for her innovative thinking, pushing of boundaries and drive to change working practice she continues to achieve her goal through Accelerate offering also, to a struggling NHS, ways of improving resource management whilst delivering recognisable quality improvement in both complex wounds and lymphoedema. 

Alison began her career as a district nurse in Tower Hamlets, where Accelerate is based and she still resides. Her passion for lower limb wounds and the role of the specialist nurses in delivering significant positive change for patients has been captured across her 30 year career, not only in the work she pioneered via the East London Wound Healing Centre, culminating in the development of Accelerate CIC as spin out social enterprise in 2011, but also in her effort to push boundaries and develop new techniques to improve healing rates and ultimately deliver a reduction in non-healing wounds.

Via Accelerate, her speaking engagements, involvement at a national level with the Legs Matters Campaign and strategy for wound management, she remains true to her mission in life. Her goal is simple and straightforward: to improve lives and prevent harm associated with the management of wounds and lymphoedema. This is achieved via the skills and expertise not only of herself, but also of her award winning multi-disciplinary team at Accelerate.

The results speak for themselves in Tower Hamlets which boasts of the lowest published wound prevalence in the UK and a related dressing spend of only £1.49 per head of population, and is complemented by equally significant results for lymphoedema in City and Hackney regarding impact on cellulitis admissions and lymphorrhoea.

With her MBE added to her multiple awards for both nursing and leadership Alison continues in her efforts to extend the reach of Accelerate in order to provide improved results for patients together with better management of scarce NHS resources. She firmly believes and has visibly demonstrated, that significant improvements can be achieved in lower limb management for both patients and the NHS if commissioners are willing to think outside the box.

If you would like to learn more about the way Accelerate operates and indeed if the organisation could bring a benefit to the challenges faced in your area contact Alison on 0203 819 6022.

Congratulations… A well-deserved award!