Accelerate New Year resolution: Make 2018 a year of impact, innovation and integration...

3 January 2018

2017 proved to be one of the most difficult years for the NHS for some time. Yet through that challenging year we at Accelerate managed to impact on people’s lives and make a difference thus enabling us to continue to drive forward with our mission and vision for both wounds and lymphoedema. Click here to visit our website and see for yourself.


Looking forward...

Now we look forward to 2018, which we are told, will be equally if not more challenging. That is why we are confident that working with local systems to improve lower limb management in particular, we will bring significant improvements to system delivery, finance, productivity and patient involvement.

We aspire in 2018 to drive towards accountable care thinking for wound and lymphoedema care across our East London STP footprint and in that context we are committed to:

  • Exploring further how we bring capacity to an already overstretched system
  • How we collaborate rather than compete
  • How we create benefits for both the NHS and the communities we serve
  • How we truly embrace helping our patients understand wellness in the context of their personal outcomes for health.

Impact, Innovation & Integration

We know from our success to date that we impact on people’s lives and make them better, we know we can help the NHS spend money more effectively and efficiently in regard to wound and lymphoedema, particularly if we work at scale: innovative thinking will enable and encourage this and we know we need to work in an environment of shared thinking and integration to achieve our goals. 

As part of our delivery commitment for 2018, we will be presenting a programme of focussed education offerings which will span the specialities of both wound and lymphoedema. Click here to check programmes available to date.

Happy New Year 2018

Happy 2018

Here’s to a very successful 2018 for our communities with complex wounds and lymphoedema, for Accelerate and for the wider groups with whom we work as we strive to continue to transform people’s lives and in doing so, demonstrate positive solutions which really do make a difference.