The right decision

Alison Hopkins

8 November 2018

The Right Decision

On 1st November 2018 it was our 7th Birthday! We celebrated 7 years since we became an independent social enterprise. Dates and anniversaries always provide a time for reflection so here are mine.

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Are the changes in leg ulcer management affecting you?

Alison Hopkins

18 February 2018

As published on the Queen's Nursing Institute website

Your response to this question may be to ask, ‘What changes in leg ulcer management? What am I missing?’ The dispiriting answer is that for leg ulcer management, unlike for so many other physical conditions, for many years little has changed.

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Accelerate New Year resolution: Make 2018 a year of impact, innovation and integration...

Alison Hopkins

3 January 2018

2017 proved to be one of the most difficult years for the NHS for some time.

Yet through that challenging year we at Accelerate managed to impact on people’s lives and make a difference thus enabling us to continue to drive forward with our mission and vision for both wounds and lymphoedema.

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"Show people what good looks like and they want to get on and do it"

Alison Hopkins

21 December 2016

2016 and we're 5 years old - Congratulations to us!

As we look back on 2016 some may say it could be regarded as a year that created a reality check for the NHS, what with the introduction of STP’s, ‘real’ efforts to control funds and so on.

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Do we truly understand the impact of not commissioning comprehensive lymphoedema care?

Caitriona O'Neill

18 November 2016

I think not.

Only a couple of months ago we were presented with a well thought through and evidence based commissioning framework for both cancer and non-cancer related Lymphoedema and what trend do we see: the focus is placed on commissioning cancer only services. Not that I think this is wrong but I think the decision to focus on this one small piece of the bigger problem is short sighted.

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Person centred care – are we there yet?

Fran Worboys, Clinical Director, Accelerate CIC

May 2016

Person centred care

Individualised and holistic care planning urges practitioners to put patients at the centre of any care being delivered. It promises the provision of care that is relevant and meaningful. It advocates ‘no decision about me, without me’. All great aims, but aspirations do not make it so and is the reality somewhat different? If it is different, what is missing and how can we truly put the person back at the centre?

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Can we make it better? With a little imagination

Alison Hopkins, CEO, Accelerate CIC

March 2016

Accelerate CIC's CEO,  Alison Hopkins

A common question often heard in healthcare is ‘can you make this better’?

Doing something better is our common motivation at Accelerate. We aspire to bringing about change, for our patients and for the wider system of wound and lymphoedema care. Are we ambitious? Yes, we think so. Are we too ambitious? No, we don’t think so. We think a little imagination and creativity can help us make things better.

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